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Hello and welcome to Grow Holyoke’s web blog, where you will find a great resource for information on projects, developments and other happenings that are going on in the city of Holyoke, MA. Grow Holyoke is a grassroots organization established by a combination of concerned citizens and local business leaders to help promote proper and healthy economic growth within the city. The group was formed out of concern for the high commercial tax rates and high unemployment rates that plague the city year after year. Again and again it has been documented that the city’s high commercial tax rate, continues to be a hindrance to the attraction and retention of businesses and jobs in the community. This affects the number of quality employment opportunities, much needed tax revenue which support public services, and the overall quality of life of city residents.


Our message is to educate and inform the public and other business leaders about how their community is affected and what they can do to help bring change. Proper and responsible development is a good thing. Business attraction means more tax revenue to the city, allowing the city to lower tax rates, which leads to more businesses willing to operate in Holyoke, leading to more job opportunities, which leads to a healthier economy and ultimately a healthier population. Holyoke is a city with a rich history of public pride and responsibility to do what is best for the greater public good. It is time we recognize these attributes and help bring our city back.  We hope that you will join us in our movement to inform, educate, and help raise awareness about these issues that affect all residents of the city and to help promote proper and responsible economic development in Holyoke.


If you would like to attend a Grow Holyoke meeting, join our mailing list or just inquire for more information, please contact Doris Ransford at 413-534-3376 or at info@growholyoke.org.

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